The Soldotna Public Library acquired a 3D printer, which can print three-dimensional objects out of plastic based on a submitted pattern, in July and is now making it available for public use. It’s currently free, supported by funds from the Soldotna Library Friends, with a suggested donation of $3 per print. Eventually, if demand outpaces supply, the library expects to have to establish a fee, according to the 3D printer policy.

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What others say: Keep me safe at the ball game

When Anthony Rizzo, Kris Bryant and Kyle Schwarber connect at the plate, their exit velocity — the speed at which the ball leaves the bat — often exceeds 100 mph. A ball hit that hard travels 146 feet in about... Read more

Op-ed: Johnny Carson > Jimmy Kimmel

Jimmy Kimmel deserves credit for frankness, if nothing else. In an interview over the weekend, the ABC late-night host said he doesn’t care about losing Republican viewers.

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